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Jamesbridge Tax Accountants

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At Jamesbridge Associates , we offer a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services, which can be performed either at your offices or at ours. Some of the examples of our services include:
  • Tax audits
  • Tax appeals
  • Tax returns
  • Accounting statements
  • G.S.T. returns
  • P.S.T. returns
  • Payroll services and returns
  • Monthly record keeping
  • Bookkeeping
  • General financial business advice
  • Financial planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Business plans
  • Investigative & Internal audits
  • Research studies
  • Risk Assessment
We are also familiar with
  • International aspects of taxation
  • Estate accounting and passing of accounts
  • Final returns for deceased taxpayers
  • Returns for taxpayers immigrating into Canada
  • Returns for taxpayers emigrating from Canada
  • Returns for Canadians with income from outside of Canada
At Jamesbridge Associates, we specialize in tax accounting; we guarantee the best tax results for small business. We offer Business Tax Returns for Canadian and U.S. clients:
  • Incorporated small businesses
  • Sole proprietors/unincorporated small businesses
  • Partnerships
  • Professionals
Get the tax breaks that you deserve and save your money and time on your business tax return by working with the pros at Jamesbridge Associates. By working with us you’ll…
  • Minimize potential tax overpayment
  • Have a professional prepare and file your return
  • Create a tax strategy for your business
  • Reduce your taxes before you file a tax strategy