Jamesbridge Tax Accountants

Jamesbridge Tax Accountants

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At Jamesbridge Associates, we offer a full range of professional tax accounting and bookkeeping services including:
  • Tax Returns:  Personal, Corporate, Small Business, Estates, Trusts, Partnerships, International
  • Tax Appeals and Objections
  • Tax Audit Assistance
  • Accounting Statements
  • Bookkeeping, Record Keeping, GST/HST filings
  • Payroll Services and filings
  • Final Returns for deceased taxpayers
  • Estate Accounting and passing of accounts
  • Estate and Trust Planning 
  • Planning: Tax, Business, Financial, Personal
  • International aspects of taxation
  • Returns for taxpayers immigrating into Canada or emigrating from Canada
Get the tax breaks that you deserve and save your time and money on your business tax return by working with the professionals at Jamesbridge Associates.   By working with us you will:
  • Achieve the optimal tax outcome
  • Have a professional prepare and file your return
  • Create a tax strategy whether personal or for your business