The Kingsway BIA Butterflyway

We are excited to share that The Kingsway BIA is home to a Butterflyway (part The Butterflyway Project): a volunteer-led movement that is growing habitat for bees and butterflies in neighbourhoods throughout Canada.

Wild pollinators such as butterflies and bees are crucial to human survival. Climate change, development and widespread pesticide use are compromising their habitat and food sources. The Butterflyway Project aims to help people step up efforts to help pollinators find food and shelter.

The Butterflyway Project, and it’s sister L’effet Papillon campaign in Quebec, began in five Canadian cities in 2017. A team of volunteer Butterflyway Rangers were recruited in each community. Their mission was to plant native wildflowers in yards, schoolyards, streets and parks to support bees and butterflies. The goal was to establish local “Butterflyways” by planting at least a dozen pollinator patches in each neighbourhood or community.

Over the past five years, more than a thousand Butterflyway Rangers from hundreds of communities have been recruited and trained. They’ve connected with neighbours, schools, city agencies, businesses and community groups. To date, they’ve helped:

  • Get 85,000+ butterfly-friendly wildflowers into the ground.
  • Create 6,000+ pollinator patches for wild bees and butterflies.
  • Establish official Butterflyways in 75 communities and neighbourhoods.

The Butterflyway Project shows that a small group of residents can make a big difference. Rangers make their communities greener and healthier. They create opportunities, connect people and champion fun ideas.

The Butterflyway Project is based on the Homegrown National Park Project, an award-winning initiative project that created butterfly-friendly corridors in three Toronto neighbourhoods. In 2020, the Butterflyway Project received the Canadian Museum of Nature’s Nature Inspiration Award!

The Kingsway Butterflyway is located next to Shopper Drug Mart on Bloor West/Royal York side.


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