Keep Those Pearly Whites Clean at Kingsmill Dental Hygiene

Finding a great dentist in Toronto can be a huge task, but thankfully the Kingsway is home to Kingsmill Dental Hygiene. The employees at this dental office at 2877 Bloor Street West is right in our own neighborhood and a great place to get your teeth checked and cleaned. 

Owner and dental hygienist Joe Siegfried decided to set down roots in the Kingsway neighborhood and open his own clinic after practicing dental hygiene since 2008. Alongside him is Dr. Susan Huxtable, Doctor of Dental Surgery, who can provide comprehensive exams and restorations to clients with immense attention to detail. Also onsite is Dr. Michael Rolin who is an onsite dentist at the practice. 

The great news is that the practice is accepting new patients, and all new clients get a complimentary dental hygiene assessment as part of their first cleaning visit. The clinic is newly renovated, bright, and comfortable. It’s a great space for nervous dental-visitors, making everyone that walks through the door feel at ease with the great front desk employees and inviting waiting area.

If you’re struggling with sleep, this is also the place to make an appointment for a consultation to talk about how you can treat your sleep breathing disorder. Dr. Susan Huxtable can help create special oral appliances to help you sleep better with advanced technology onsite to help record and test muscle activity to find exactly what’s wrong in order to treat it. In the end, you’ll have a comfortable sleeping position and a better sleep overall.

Kingsmill Dental Hygiene is more than just clean teeth – they’re here to help the residents of the Kingsway with solutions from crowns to sleeping, cavities to healthy gums. It’s great having excellent dentists right near home on the Kingsway!

Kingsmill Dental Hygiene

2877 Bloor Street West




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