• Commercial Façade Improvement Grant Program

Commercial Façade Improvement Grant Program

Applications will be re-open on the first week of March. For those who are interested please find the link to apply below

The Commercial Façade Improvement Grant Program provides funding to commercial property owners and tenants of commercial property, to redesign, renovate or restore facades on commercial buildings that are commercial use at street level and may have commercial and or residential uses on upper floors. The building façade must face a public road or a right-of-way that is accessible to the public.

The program helps to improve the appearance of a commercial building’s façade by providing a new look, enhancing neighborhoods streetscapes, and providing a more pleasant environment to work, shop and eat.

An applicant must be the property owner or a commercial tenant that has the permission of the property owner.

Eligibility improvements include, but are not limited to, masonry, brick cleaning and restoration, new doors, new windows, outdoor decorative or security lighting, outdoor entrance tiling, installation of canopies or awnings, repair of cornice, parapets and other architectural features, outdoor wall mounted signs, and exterior painting as part of the eligible improvements.

Wheelchair accessibility ramping, accessible railings and accessible door openers that meet Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) standards are also eligible.

A minimum of three eligible improvements are required for an application.