North Brentwood Massage Therapy Clinic

Since 2014, the North Brentwood Massage Therapy Clinic has been providing stress relieving services to satisfied clients. The team of highly trained specialized staff focuses on their goal to “help people achieve a pain free, relaxed life by providing a personalized and holistic approach to our clients in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.”

The clinic offers massage therapy, reflexology and acupuncture. Therapists learn all they can about a client to offer the best possible package and identify key areas for relief. This could include sports injury, pregnancy, and mood. The clinic also offers therapeutic ultrasound and deep tissue massage for advanced healing.

The team at North Brentwood Massage Therapy Clinic is also dedicated to educating patients about self-care. During sessions, therapists will share added tips and information to ensure safe healing.

Booking appointments is simple and easy to access. An online form shows available times and can be booked directly from the website, or appointments can be booked with a quick phone call to the clinic.

Find North Brentwood Massage Therapy Clinic on The Kingsway at 5 Brentwood Road North, just around the corner from Royal York Station.


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