Excalibur Comics


Just up the stairs from The Kingsway Cinema is a hidden gem for comic collectors that has been around for over 25 years. Excalibur Comics caters to die-hard fans and collectors as well as the occasional comic book reader and also operates a consignment for old collectables and comics.

Excalibur Comics has been a community staple since 1987, when comics were at their height of popularity. Recently the shop opened an online portal for an at-home shopping experience. Since the store has varied hours, this lets customers shop at any time.

Excalibur offers subscriptions for new comics, sports cards, collectible card games, graphic novels, coins and toys making it a haven for collectors young and old. Although the store is small, it still draws a crowd of dedicated supporters every week for new issues, and delivers on great service and charm.

So why not see what Excalibur Comics has to offer you? Discover books, games and more at 3030 Bloor Street on The Kingsway. Be sure to call ahead to check store hours!


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