The Running Room

Running is such a fulfilling activity, and it’s even better when you have a community of runners to enjoy it with. At the Kingsway Village Running Room, you can get the support you need on your running journey. Whether you’re new to running and want to learn how, a casual runner are looking for motivation, a more serious runner who wants a group to run with, or someone looking to train for a marathon, the team at Running Room can help.

The Kingsway Village Running Room staff are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to running. They not only know how to match you to the right equipment they stock in store, but they can help you take your running hobby (or sport) to the next level. They offer a Facebook group for other runners in the area for those looking to connect and train with other Kingsway runners. It’s for Kingsway Village Running Room Run Club members and enthusiasts alike. Come to ask a question, or simply to find out when the next sale or new inventory gets stocked.

On top of amazing support, they also have absolutely everything you need instore to help you on your journey. They have the best brands with competitive pricing, and often have really great sales. If you’re not a runner, don’t fret – Kingsway Village Running Room stocks outdoor and athletic clothing for anyone who is active. They have items that are perfect for any level of general activity, whether you’re into weightlifting, cycling, or just want something comfortable for walking and hiking. 

The best part about the Kingsway Village Running Room is that they can help you find the perfect running shoe. Many people think that buying a shoe is as simple as finding a style you like, trying it on, and buying it. However, having a poorly fitted shoe for your activity level, body type or any injuries you may have, and foot can really impact how you can perform in sports and it could possibly lead to aches and pains. The employees at the Kingsway Village Running Room are knowledgeable in proper shoe fit, and can help you find the absolute best running shoe for your individual needs. 

It’s great to have friendly faces on the Kingsway building an active, connected community. The Running Room Run Clubs are a great way to get outside, spend time with friends, and make some new ones. 

Address and social media information:

3065 Bloor St W, Etobicoke, ON M8X 1C6 Website: Facebook:


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