22 Division Bike Rodeo: Give A Child The Best Gift

Throughout the summer months, your 22 Division Neighbourhood Community Officers (NCOs) host a number of Bike Rodeos for many children in marginalized communities throughout 22 Division as well as participating in our 22 Division Community Summer Festival by hosting a “Bike Ride with the Cops” event where kids from every community in 22 Division are being invited to join bike rides along a protected bicycle path with our 22 Division NCOs and Bicycle Unit Officers. 

As we host these events one thing immediately becomes very clear to us. There are many children, and even adults, that don’t have access to a bicycle and we’re hoping you can help us solve this problem. 

Have a few too many old bikes taking up space, a bike that you were planning to refurbish but never got around to or just some bikes the kids have simply outgrown or are no longer being used?

Then simply drop them off at the front desk of 22 Division anytime that’s convenient for you and one of our officers will be more than happy to receive them or you can contact and we’ll make arrangements to have them picked up.

While we have an immediate need of children’s bicycles for the 5-12 age group we’ll take any sized bicycle in any condition as we can always use the parts to refurbish used bikes as they come in.


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