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Concussion Corner

Our Monthly Concussion Education Sessions are intended for our concussion patients to provide them with a group setting for learning about their symptoms and how to reduce them.

Background information and actionable tools are presented at every meeting.

If you’d like to join the meeting in the future, please email Miles at to join the invite list.

Scoli Corner

Can you do sport if you have scoliosis?

Yes, certainly, perhaps with the exception, in more severe cases, of competitive sport and intensive training. Sport is actually thought to be an important complement to a specific re-education activity, as it naturally promotes good neuromotor maturation of the adolescent growing body. Moreover, it reinforces the physiological abilities of an impaired spine while reducing the side effects of bracing (if a brace is worn).

Furthermore, doing physical activity with a brace on (when this is feasible) enhances the modelling action of the forces applied by the brace pads.


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